CICI GALAVIS《Eliminated 》

Category: Women

Hometown: Innisfil,Ontario, Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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Cici Galavis, also known as The Venezuelan Vixen, is a Venezuelan-Canadian professional wrestler.


Cici Galavis debuted in 2015. Always dedicated to learning, has trained throughout her career, and is currently coached by Tyson Dux.


Cici Galavis has wrestled for various independent promotions, in Canada and the US. She has held The GPW Women's Championship,and The Adirondack Women's Championship. She became The first ever Chemvalley Women's Champion, which is a title she currently holds.


Establishing herself as a menacing opponent, Cici Galavis, is ready to demonstrate to the world why she is the 'Top Prospecto' of The Jacques Rougeau Wrestling Academy 2022.

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