Jessika BlackđŸ’„winner of 2022đŸ’„

Category: Women

Hometown: Montréal, Qc,Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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Jessika Black is a professional wrestler with over three years of active experience. She also dedicates her life to students as an English and History High School Teacher.


Jessika has many accomplishments in and out of the ring. She has travelled within Canada, United States  and Ireland practicing her wrestling craft. Within her first active year, Jessika won the “F Fatales” Championship and later the “GNW Women’s Championship”

Black is dedicated to her craft in and out of the ring and takes pride in all her endeavors.  She believes in hard work and is a constant student of life, focusing on persistent improvement and learning.

Jessika Black is a positive addition to any promotion looking for professional hard workers that mix an aggressive style with believable characters.

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