KATHRYN VON GOTH《eliminated》

Category: Women

Hometown: St-Jean sur Richelieu, Qc, Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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My name is Katherine Chouinard Aka "Kathryn Vongoth".


I have been active in the Indy independent wrestling circuit since 2011. Wrestling is my biggest passion. I went to many wrestling dojos I love to learn because for me in life we ​​are always in constant learning.


I walked across Canada and Quebec. My biggest dream is to become a real professional wrestler and make a living from my passion, I have fought in the ring for both women and men. I have two team titles to my credit. The xzw team championship with my always sexy partner eddy and I also have the honor of being the jcw team champion with lufisto, a title generally reserved for men. is persistent.


I have a background in theater and I am a Person with an immense love for professional wrestling.


I founded the Montérégie wrestling federation with my husband in 2019, our own wrestling dojo opened in September 2021 and it is with love that I pass on the passion for our beautiful sport.


Thank you and see you soon



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