Laurel CassieD

Laurel CassieD

Category: Women

Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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My name is Cassandra Serrani, I wrestle under the name of Laurel CassieD and I'm currently training under Rip Impact at the Hamilton Wrestling Academy.


After coming off a 2 year leave from wrestling, I decided I wanted to take my wrestling career more seriously.


I was starting to pick up steam getting more steady bookings then Covid hit and that momentum I built went down the drain. During the pandemic I worked on developing my character more, and when training opened back up I hit it harder than before.


I really just want to wrestle, have as much fun as I can and show what I can do, either here in Canada or anywhere around the world. The ultimate goal is to go and wrestler in Japan for any of their Joshi promotions or even in NOAH.



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