Chad Daniels = second round

Chad Daniels = second round

Category: Men

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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Hello Jacques Rougeau,

My name is Chad Daniels, I am 20 years old, 5’11 and 175 pounds, born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.


I am a graduate from the very last class ever held at Lance Storms Wrestling Academy, (2019 September-November) I know this may be the most cliché answer you probably hear all the time but it’s the most authentic, I’ve been a fan of the Professional Wrestling business from a very early age, as a matter of fact here’s a true story,


I was born on a Monday night and during my birth my father was actually watching Monday Night Raw so you could say I’ve had a passion for wrestling since arriving into the world.


I’ve always been the athletic type with a strong passion for weightlifting. Consistency is key and I take great pride in eating clean and training at the gym, developing my physique and mental toughness. My personal traits include, being coachable, humble, respectful, easy to work with, having a never say die attitude, always loving what I’m doing, and being ambitious.


I have been wrestling for about a year and a half competing for CWE (Canadian Wrestlings Elite) mainly based in Winnipeg and around Manitoba. I embrace competition and your 2022 Wrestling Academy Show would be the ultimate opportunity to manifest my dreams and the words I speak into a reality.


Thank you very much,



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