Category: Men

Hometown: Colombie-Britanique, Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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Height: 6/8ths of the Average Sasquatch

Weight: 34 Chemtrails

Years Active: 7

He is the Alien Aficionado, Bigfoot's Best Friend & the Cryptid Connoisseur. Eli Surge is one of the most unpredictable wrestlers to ever come out the Pacific Northwest.

Fighting out of his rock fort near Skinwalker Ranch, he brings a style of professional wrestling unparalleled by any other.

A mixture of Lucha Libre (learned while hunting for El Chupacabra in Mexico), Take no Sh*t brawling (learned while searching for Mothman on the Eastern Seaboard), and Classic Technical style (learned while hunting for non-extinct dinosaurs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada), keep opponents and fans on their toes.

Bring your Tinfoil Hats, and be prepared to not believe reality.

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