Green Phantom

Green Phantom

Category: Men

Hometown: Montréal, Qc,Canada
Age: years old
Weight: 103 kg
Height: 1.95 m
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Green Phantom has been in Canada and internationally on the independent scene for over 20 years where he has won numerous titles.


This grizzled veteran has garnered an ever growing and enthusiastic fan base over the years.


Along with is athleticism,  he bring a lot of energy and character to the ring.


He is the master of his patented Phantasm and the feared Phantom Menace .


He is also a multi talented performer having performed at Just for Laughs among other comedy shows and has a fledgling music career.


He is an English Montréal celebrity hosting and appearing at a wide range of events.


He is excited for this new opportunity and for Lutte Académie to

Get with the GREEN !!!



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