Will Webster 《 eliminated 》

Category: Men

Hometown: High Rover, Alberta, Canada
Age: years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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I come from a small town in southern Alberta


And for 36 years I’ve wanted to be a pro wrestler, and ihave finally been given that chance to live my dream .




Trained by : Bruce hart, Bad news Brown, Rick Titian .


When I was 6 my dad took me to my very first wwf (wwe) house show in Calgary, I saw Jake the snake Roberts VS Greg The Hammer Valentine have a match I was in awe how the crowd loved one and hated the other , and whit that I was hooked. After the match I turned to my dad and said this is what I want to do because a professional wrestler.


Fast forward 36 years later and I’m leaving my dream working for  RCW based out of Edmonton Alberta and I’m have the time of my life.




Will Webster



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