Category: Men

Hometown: Edmonton, Canada
Age: 36 years old
Weight: kg
Height: m
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“The LionWarrior


Debut :Feb 28, 2003 - (14 years old)


Trained by: Eddie Watts, Johnny Devine, Scott D’amore (Can am wrestling school in Windsor, Ontario)


Wrestled for over 100 companies across North America


Including Notable territories Ring of Honor, AEW, Stampede, Love Pro Wrestling, Lucha libre boom, NWA: midsouth, Atlantic Grand Prix, Canadian wrestling federation, can-am wrestling, global force, Canadian wrestling elite, border city wrestling,


Ten times on the northern death tour - hardest wrestling tour in Canada


Notes: Cauliflower alley club future legend award winner (2013); Held 9 Singles Heavyweight Championships at the same time; Appeared on ROH;

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